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We thrive to add high value and footprint in every action, process, and development.

About Us

Reliable, Flexible and
cost-efficient contact center

Connected 360 uses the best practice of contact service delivery management in many sectors and designed a simple and effective methodology to represent our business model “Reliable, Flexible and cost-efficient contact center”

Not only does Connected 360 helps you to effectively and efficiently identify, target and acquire customers, but it also applies customer care activities that aims at giving your company an edge in guaranteeing more revenues, longer customer retentions and an enhanced return on your investment.

while using the latest technology solutions in the market, management styles, and problem-solving techniques to get our clients to their targets with the highest quality available and in a cost-efficient way.

Stay connected with your customers & no matter what day or time it is

Reports show you the level of success of your operations for real-time performance data.

Chat Support

We provide our customers with WHAT they want, WHEN they want, the WAY they want

Why Outsourcing with Us?

Connected 360 will help you focus on growing your market share to retain you current customers and attract new ones adapt with to new business changes, respond quickly to competition, improve quality and productivity by letting us handle any non-core related functions in your business


Here are some other elements that you may want to consider when taking a decision to outsource with us.

We Have The Answers To Your Business Process
Call Center Is The Solution To Your Outsourcing Issues

What Services We Offer

In Connected 360 we help SMBs to determine what service model suits their business the best, we make it easy and simple then we zoom in to tiny details till we reach best solutions and never stop developing.

Inbound Service

Interact with your customers or prospects, talk to them, and know their needs and ideas, this type of support is often referred to Customer loyalty - they call, you react.


Reach a list of potential customers who might be interested in your product or services.

Chat support

Great customer service starts with being available for your customer anywhere he needs or prefers. Respond faster to market needs, customer services now not only in calls.

Fully equipped seat rental

Call Center Seat Lease, get your space, customize and arrange based on what you need, and we will provide exactly the solution with connected 360.

How We Work

We Communicate To Get Your Business to The Next Level


  • All offers and services are to the customer needs.
  • Available basis the requirement.​
  • Do not force-fit solutions.
  • Know your need.


  • Prices are clear; all elements included are clearly  indicated.​
  • Data is easy and works without technical problems of  interruptions.​
  • Our solutions are simple to interact and use.


  • Always available proactively in case of problems, even outside office hours/during  weekends.
  • Solve problems fast.
  • Show each time,  the willingness to help customers  
  • Follow up questions until they are answered/solved.


  • Efficiently manage customer problems, drilling down to  individuals, and analyze network and device  performance trends.

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