Inbound Service

The telephone is a favorite way of communication, especially when it comes to customer and business interaction. It is much faster and more personal to talk about the issue for a live hosted call center than it is to listen to cold recorded responses.

Customer Service

Inbound customer service facility works best with a single point of contact for all their service questions.



Order Taking & Order Management

Order taking call center services are widely used in the world on online commerce. with qualified representatives are trained in the details of your product or service are hired to take your sales calls.

General Inquiring & Lead Generation

Accessible information and communication need to provide full information about products or services regardless it’s inbounded from an advertising campaign or organic calls. it’s also the way to collect the leads inquire depend on client requirement

Complaints Handling

Receiving complaints need an in-depth look at all the customer inquiries coming into the contact center to determine which ones are complaints.

Technical Support

Inbound technical support the first line of contact for users with technical issues and providing hardware and software technical support.

Appointment Setting / Booking

The appointment setting not just taking information, it needs to Provided you don’t say anything that turns the caller off and you handle any questions well, an appointment is practically guaranteed.

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In Connected 360 we help SMBs to determine what service model suits their business the best, we make it easy and simple then we zoom in to tiny details till we reach best solutions and never stop developing.


Reach a list of potential customers who might be interested in your product or services.

Chat support

Great customer service starts with being available for your customer anywhere he needs or prefers. Respond faster to market needs, customer services now not only in calls.

Fully equipped seat rental

Call Center Seat Lease, get your space, customize and arrange based on what you need, and we will provide exactly the solution with connected 360.

How We Work

We Communicate To Get Your Business to The Next Level


  • All offers and services are to the customer needs.
  • Available basis the requirement.​
  • Do not force-fit solutions.
  • Know your need.


  • Prices are clear; all elements included are clearly  indicated.​
  • Data is easy and works without technical problems of  interruptions.​
  • Our solutions are simple to interact and use.


  • Always available proactively in case of problems, even outside office hours/during weekends.​
  • Solve problems fast.​
  • Show each time, the willingness to help customers  
  • Follow up questions until they are answered/solved.​


  • Efficiently manage customer problems, drilling down to  individuals, and analyze network and device  performance trends.
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Who we Serve

In this era Customer delight and satisfaction is an essential part of any business success and no longer considered as a luxurious or even a secondary goal.

We believe that every business has their own characteristics and needs, hence we custom make a unique model of contact center for each partner based on their projects SMART targets to persuade organizational goals in scientific and practical way.

Basic industries we support and more

Travel and Tourism

we engage with your customers through inbound and outbound voice support, web / live chat, email management  (Travel booking – reservation – customer acquisition – customer care – cross selling – up selling)

Food & Beverage

The food delivery or takeaway services need to have telephonic services to (taking order – missing items handling – customer relationship and up-selling – complaints management)

FMCG, Retail, and E-commerce

The retail industry has seen many changes over the past few years. And consumer behavior of shopping change to e-Commerce so you need (customer acquisition – customer care – cross selling – up selling – order management – loyalty program management)

Financial services

call center capability keeps up with the never-ending demand for financial services. outsourced call center solutions are now considered essential to gain an edge over competitors and provide superior service

Automotive and Transportations

automotive sector is open market need many contacts services aspect to cover the customers’ requirements (customer acquisition – customer care – cross selling – up selling – order management – loyalty program management – welcome calls and appointment setting – rentals – maintenance and repair – roadside assistant program – recall campaign – test drive booking)

Insurances and Healthcare

The healthcare sector has effectively & seamlessly kept up with business demand in (patient appointments – follow-ups – billing communication – customer care – loyalty program management)

Other Industries

No matter what your industry is, as long as you interact with customers, so we can customize a solution for your needs

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